Barber Haircut Trends 2023

2023 Barber Haircut Trends | Haircut Sunshine

The professional barbers at Kenz Barbers anticipate the upcoming hair trends that will catch our attention throughout the rest of 2023. 

From traditional and classic looks to polished and bold colour experimentation. Our expert barbers expect these looks to be the centre stage to set the tone for more creative styles.

Classic and Timeless

At Kenz Barbers we expect men’s hairstyles to trend towards a more classical and timeless look instead of trends driven by Tiktok and other social media platforms. Loose texture, slick back styles and tight fades are the desired look with a decline in long hair styles.

We also expect bolder, structured lines with plenty of definition and stronger shapes to resemble “strength” and “dominance” to rise.

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Hair Colouring

Barbering and hair colouring has become growingly popular with bolder creative looks emerging using vibrant colours such as bold blue and magenta as well as subtle colour placements using softer colours such as tweed blonde as well as blonde hues.

Another popular trend includes men with tapered/faded haircuts with added highlights to the upper section of their hair, giving the look a more statement finish. Ash tones, including ash grey and ash brown, have remained popular from previous years.

A growing fashionable hair colouring trend includes red and pink hair shades. Using raspberry and deep red, the colour can be worn all over the hair or in slices/panels giving the hairstyle an instant trendy finish.

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The Mullet Haircut

The mullet has been a popular hairstyle for a few years now, and according to experts at Kenz Barbers, it will continue to be prominent for years to come. 

Although some may consider it a comeback, the mullet has never really gone away. It has evolved over time and is still going strong. We believe that the trend will be even more widespread this year. 

We believe this year’s style of mullets would be much shorter, more natural-looking style that has slightly longer back and very natural edges. This style is already popular on the football pitches of Europe, especially among South American players. Gabriel Martinelli is an excellent example of this trend. 

At Kenz Barbers we are confident that the mullet will be a significant hair trend in 2023.

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More Volume

According to industry experts, we will see a continuation of slick, voluminous looks, with over combs and undercut styles being two of the most popular cuts. These styles will be polished using waxes and pomades. The growth and evolution of the industry over the past few years have been remarkable, with an emphasis on creative styling and individuality. Clients will be opting for more volume throughout their hair, with fades and longer top sections becoming increasingly popular. The longer top sections will focus on texture and movement, resulting in a more relaxed and voluminous look. 

Hair replacement products are also predicted to rise in popularity in 2023, offering a quick solution for men looking to transform their hair. The classic skin fade will also see a slight evolution, with a higher placement and longer length on top.

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