Barber Services

Get The Right Look

Kenz Barbers, we understand how important your hair is to you and we make booking our haircut services even easier. Your hair defines your personality, confidence and self-esteem. Get a professional barbering service and leave knowing you look as sharp as your haircut.

Barber Pricelist

  • Fade
    Your standard, buzz cut or 0 guard, haircut. Your hair, cut to the minimal length leaving the sides and back with a slight shadow.
  • Skin Fade
    A precision neck shave and haircut that blends to the skin on the back and sides.
  • Buzz Cut
    Get a clean and simple buzz cut. With a single guard your entire head is cut down to a single length.
  • Classic Cut
    Your standard haircut with scissors and clippers and finished off with superior styling.
  • Haircut and Beard
    Get the complete package, including haircut and fades, and finish off with a clean beard treatment.
  • Beard Trim and Line Up
    Symmetry and perfection, a clean, smart and polished beard trim and beard line up to compliment your style.
  • Full Shave and Hot Towel
    A warm towel is placed on your skin, using a staight-blade razer, receive the ultimate shaving experience.
  • Wax
    Wax it all off, ears, noise and facial hair.
  • Colour
    From $100
    Black, blue, green, silver grey. Colour your hair or even your beard. Get creative or the look that defines you.
  • Perms
    From $100
    The ultimate perm, long-lasting and professional curls and waves to express you.